Something free always has an exclusion or two...

This is pretty easy and applies to Motor Freight Delivery. If you live in a normal delivery zone such as Maryland or Ohio, chances are you are not affected by the exclusions. Unfortunately, if you live West of Minnesota, in New York City (zip code of 10000 to 15000), or Surrounding areas is usually where these exclusions will apply. The reason behind this are the zones, tariffs and taxes imposed by the communities and the trucking companies. These rates can multiply the nominal rate and therefore make it unaffordable. But NYC is not the only city to impose such high rates, its also any community not land locked, anytime there is a ferry involved or any other unusual delivery terms.

If you feel you might be in one of these areas or zones, please call before you place your order, otherwise our shipping department will call you to either cancel or charge the correct amount minus the base free shipping charge!

Sorry for any inconvenience