Ultra Low Sulfur Heating Oil/Diesel (ULSHO/D) has no more than 15ppm (parts per million) of sulfur content. In 2012 New York State became the first state to mandate Ultra Low Sulfur Heating Oil (replaces current (High Sulfur) Heating Oil). Many other states are expected to mandate Ultra Low Sulfur Heating Oil within the coming years. ULSHO/D is similar to the diesel fuel that is available at most gasoline stations around the country for use in diesel engine vehicles. If ULSHO/D is available for delivery to your home by a fuel oil dealer be sure to request "off road" prices, meaning that federal and state road taxes have been deducted. In order to maintain the best performance, Toyotomi strongly recommends when using ULSHO/D that the heater be serviced at least every two years because the distillation of ULSHO/D is heavier than either K-1 Kerosene or No. 1 Low Sulfur Fuel Oil.

If any of the Toyotomi vented heaters listed below are currently in use and using K-1 Kerosene or No.1 Fuel Oil, ULSHO/D can now be used. However, Toyotomi strongly recommends that the unit be serviced prior to using ULSHO/D and subsequently serviced at least every two years.

IMPORTANT: If you have been using regular NO.2 Heating Oil (that is not Ultra Low Sulfur) in your fuel tank, before using a Toyotomi Vented Heater, you must have your fuel oil dealer thoroughly purge your fuel tank of all fuel and sludge from your fuel tank before filling your tank with ULSHO/D.

*Only the following models are approved to use ULSHO/D: Toyostove Laser L-30, 300, L-56, 560, L-60AT, L-73, 730 L-73AT, 730AT, Oil Miser OM-22, OM-23, and Laser530