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We understand that sometimes our employees make doing certain tasks on your power equipment look easy, when in fact we just do it so much it is second nature. We send our technicians and employees to continual training to ensure they know how to show you exactly what you need to know! If you forget when we show you at the time of purchase; here are some additional video tips!

String Your Weed Trimmer

Below are videos on the most popular string trimmer heads on your Stihl Weed Trimmer. If your trimmer head is not listed, Click Here for a complete list of videos!

How To Chainsaw:

Starting and adjusting your chainsaw chain are the biggest issues faced when using your chainsaw. Here are other Chainsaw Instructional Videos.

How to Start your Stihl Equipment

Here are some popular Stihl equipment and how to start. If your model is not shown, please Click Here for a full list of Stihl models.

How Do I Change My Lawn Mower Blade?

How Do I Start My Snowblower?

How Do I Get Great Lines In My Yard?

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